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  Changes in legislation August 2014
Statutory Alert: New requirements for fire-fighters’ outfits
Two-way portable radiotelephone apparatuses
New SOLAS regulation II-2/10.10.4 requires that: “For ships constructed on or after 1 July 2014, a minimum of two two-way portable radiotelephone apparatus for each fire party for fire-fighter's communication shall be carried on board. Those two-way portable radiotelephone apparatus shall be of an explosion-proof type or intrinsically safe. Ships constructed before 1 July, 2014 shall comply with the requirements of this paragraph not later than the first safety equipment survey after 1 July, 2018.”

What to do now
Owners and operators of new and existing ships should ensure that the fire fighters’ outfits on their vessels meet the requirements of SOLAS and the FSS Code and that any changes to the fire locker contents are shown on the vessel’s fire control plans, if included.

The new SOLAS Regulation II-2/10.4 do not specify a performance standard or a criteria to verify whether portable radio apparatuses are fit for purpose, but only states that regardless of the ship type, these devices shall be of an explosion proof type or intrinsically safe. This could cause some problems as the specification requirements/acceptance criteria for individual Flag states/approval authorities can be different and therefore clients are advised to consult with the relevant authorities in advance to find out their requirements.

More information or advice
Please contact our sales department for more information or advice.
By e-mail sales@datema.nl or by phone +31 (0) 596 635252

Statutory Alert: Port State Control – Caribbean MOU concentrated inspection campaign on fire safety systems
Applicability: Owners and operators of Lloyd’s Register classed vessels trading to the Caribbean MOU region

The Caribbean Memorandum of Understanding (CMOU) on port state control will launch its second concentrated inspection campaign (CIC) on 1 September, 2014. This will focus on ensuring compliance with SOLAS Chapter II-2 and the International Code for Fire Safety Systems on board ships. The CIC will last three months, ending on 30 November, 2014.

The CIC is designed to raise awareness of fire safety-related issues and to ensure that:
- ships are complying with the requirements of the SOLAS Convention Chapter II-2 and the International Code for Fire Safety Systems
- fire-fighting equipment is readily available and maintained at all times
- the Master, Officers and Crew are familiar with the equipment and have received training in carrying out their duties.

In practice, the CIC will mean that during a regular port state control inspection conducted under the targeting matrix criteria within the CMOU region, the fire safety plan, fire control measures, drills, crew awareness and other applicable documentation will be verified in more detail for compliance with SOLAS Chapter II-2 and the International Code for Fire Safety Systems.

Port state control officers will use a questionnaire listing a number of items to be covered during the CIC. When deficiencies are found, actions by the port state may vary from recording a deficiency and instructing the master to rectify it within a certain period to detaining the ship until serious deficiencies have been rectified. Any detentions will be published in the monthly detention lists of the CMOU website. It is expected that the CMOU will carry out approximately 200 inspections during the CIC.

The results of the campaign will be analysed and findings will be presented to the governing body of the CMOU for submission to the relevant IMO sub-committees.

More information or advice
Please contact our service department for more information or advice.
By e-mail service@datema.nl or by phone +31 (0) 596 635252

Product Safety Recall: GME Epirb
After exhaustive testing our supplier of the GME Epirbs has identified a fault in the microprocessor of certain units that effectively shuts the beacon down. We are concerned that the beacon may not work in an emergency situation.

In consultation with national maritime authorities, our supplier has decided to recall certain EPIRBs manufactured between January 2005 and February 2008.
The affected units are the MT400, MT401 and MT403 beacons with serial
numbers between 50101000 and 80250722.

What should you do?
If you have a GME EPIRB, please check the model number and serial number. The serial number can be found on the left side of the beacon at the base of the identity panel. If you own one of the affected units listed above, please contact our sales department to arrange a replacement of your beacon at no extra charge.

We would also like to take this opportunity to remind all EPIRB users, regardless of the brand, to regularly test the unit. There should be a simple self-test mechanism on all units. You should also ensure that beacon batteries are replaced at intervals recommended by the manufacturer.

If you require any further information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our sales department.
E-mail: sales@datema.nl
Phone: +31 (0) 596 635252


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- Statutory Alert: New requirements for fire-fighters’ outfits
- Statutory Alert: Port State Control – Caribbean MOU concentrated inspection campaign on fire safety systems
- Product Safety Recall: GME Epirb

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