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GSG July Newsletter
  Upcoming Events:

  Upcoming Events:  
  World Conference on Humanitarian Studies

24-27 October
GSG is proud to be one of the co-organizers of the World Conference on Humanitarian Studies 2013 in Istanbul, Turkey. The aim of Human Security: Humanitarian Perspectives and Responses is to explore recent human security risks, threats and crises that have been affecting different parts of the world and how humanitarian perspec­tives and approaches developed over the last few decades can be applied to such complex and challenging environments.
Call for Papers
The panel sessions address the four conference themes in innovative and interactive formats to engage both the academic and practitioner communities. We warmly invite paper proposals for the panel sessions. Find the complete list of accepted panels on the conference website under Proposed Panels. Register for the conference and upload your paper on the WCHS website: www.humanitarianstudiesconference.org
Stay Updated
Want to stay updated about the World Conference on Humanitarian Studies? Like WCHS on Facebook: www.facebook.com/HumanitarianStudiesConference or follow WCHS on Twitter @2013WCHS, #WCHS2013
  World Conference on Humanitarian Studies  
  The Groningen Lectures on Modes of Reasoning

25 September
The Groningen Lectures on Modes of Reasoning are a space for world leading intellectuals to reflect on historical and contemporary modes of reasoning order and power. Speakers are invited to address the topic from their own area of expertise and to engage with questions from a selected audience.

The lectures are convened by the History and Theory of International Relations Chair Group and co-sponsored by Globalisation Studies Groningen and the Department of International Relations and International Organisation, University of Groningen.

Opening Lecture: 25 September 2013. The Courage of Truth by Prof. Michael Dillon, Professor Emeritus.
  New Book Release: Disaster, Conflict and Society in Crises. Everyday Politics of Crisis Response. Edited by Dorothea Hilhorst

Humanitarian crises - resulting from conflict, natural disaster or political collapse – are usually perceived as a complete break from normality, spurring special emergency policies and interventions. In reality, there are many continuities and discontinuities between crisis and normality. What does this mean for our understanding of politics, aid, and local institutions during crises? This book examines this question from a sociological perspective. This book provides a qualitative inquiry into the social and political dynamics of local institutional response, international policy and aid interventions in crises caused by conflict or natural disaster. 
Interested? Go to our website and order the book with a 20% discount.

  New Book Release: Disaster, Conflict and Society in Crises. Everyday Politics of Crisis Response. Edited by Dorothea Hilhorst  
  Past Events:

  Africa, China and Europe Intensive Summer Programme in Development Studies

21 July-3 August
GSG organizes this intensive course together with the Institute of Development Studies at Mzumbe University in Tanzania and the College of Humanities and Development Studies of the China Agricultural University. The objective of the programme is to bring together in an interactive learning setting Development Studies students from the three continents, facilitate students to gain first-hand experience of rural and urban life and development processes in the Morogoro region and to study and analyse development issues using  case studies, theories and approaches from different development perspectives. Our GSG colleagues Pieter Boele van Hensbroek and Yongjun Zhao are currently in Tanzania to facilitate the 2 week intensive course.
  Summer School on Democracy and Global Governance in Sousse, Tunisia

July 19 to July 28 2013
Research in Ethics and Globalisation organised the second annual summer school in Sousse, Tunisia. This year’s topic is on Democracy and Global Governance. The students learn first-hand about political and legal transformations in North Africa with a special focus on democracy and good governance. This dynamic course is held by an expert team of local scholars, activists, politicians and RUG staff, including our own GSG-REG colleagues Prof. Andrej Zwitter and Dr. Christopher Lamont. The summer school was jointly organised by Globalisation Studies Groningen at the Univeristy of Groningen (the Netherlands) and the Faculty of Law and Political Science at the University of Sousse (Tunisia). The summer school is sponsored and supported by the University of Sousse, the Faculty of Law at the University of Groningen, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Tunisia, and Globalisation Studies Groningen.
  Summer School on Democracy and Global Governance in Sousse, Tunisia  
  Summer School on Transitional Justice and the Politics of Memory

24 June – 4 July 2013
Research in Ethics and Globalisation and the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Rijeka jointly organized the second annual GSG-REG Summer School on Transitional Justice. The Summer School on Transitional Justice and the Politics of Memory in the Mediterranean was held on the island of Cres, in Croatia. The intensive 10 day summer school explored transitional justice and the politics of memory in the context of the Mediterranean region with a particular focus on the former Yugoslavia and the Middle East and North Africa. In addition to the summer school academic program, which included an international panel of experts, the course also included excursions, guest lectures from government officials, civil society activists, journalists and marked Croatia’s expected accession to the European Union on 1 July 2013.
  Chinese Land Delegation Visit to the University of Groningen

30 June-6 July 2013
A delegation of Chinese leading land experts and local government officials visited the University of Groningen (RuG), the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs’  DLG in Groningen, and the Dutch Kadaster’s office in Zwolle. This visit was a major activity of the RuG-led research project titled ‘farmland acquisition and governance in China’ in cooperation with Chinese land researchers and government. Through meetings, discussions and site visits, the delegation gained insightful experiences in understanding the Dutch experiences in land and agricultural management  as well as RuG’s research and teaching activities. Concrete cooperation proposals between the delegation and the RuG were discussed.  The meeting at the RuG was chaired by Prof Leon Verstappen (Law) and prof Joost Herman (GSG).
  Chinese Land Delegation Visit to the University of Groningen  
  Joint GSG and Law Faculty Education and Research Mission to China

3-13 June
Globalisation Studies Groningen (GSG) and the Law Faculty of the University of Groningen (RuG) conducted a joint mission to China. This mission included meetings with a number of universities on strategic partnership cooperation as well as organizing the International Conference on Land Reform in Beijing. The mission reached its objectives in strengthening and expanding education and research cooperation with China, developing a better understanding of the potential opportunities for working with Chinese universities and research institutions in innovative ways, and consolidating and enforcing its research strengths in the areas of international development studies, humanitarian action, land governance and sustainable development.
  Joint GSG and Law Faculty Education and Research Mission to China  
  Microfinance Lecture Series

17 April - 5 June
The lecture series provided an up to date view on the discussion of the relevance of mi­crofinance; clarifying what can and cannot be achieved by microfinance interventions. Several of the world’s best mi­crofinance experts, including microfinance sup­porters and microfinance criticizers, came to Groningen to contribute to this lecture series at the Univer­sity of Groningen.
  African Student Community Symposium

May 24
The African Students Community is organized a symposium with the theme “Africa: The spirit of Union in Diversity" in anticipation to the celebration of the African Union day. Therse were expert guest speakers at the event and participants were able to follow workshops on topics concerning Africa’s economy, politics, geography, culture and security.
  African Student Community Symposium  
  GSG-REG ExpertGSG-REG Talks and Roundtables

23 April – GSG-REG Talk: The Martens Clause
Dr. Rotem Giladi discussed one of the most debated provisions of international humanitarian law: the Martens clause. Since its first appearance in the preamble of the 1899 Hague Convention (II) on the Laws and Customs of War on Land, the clause has incessantly been puzzled over, historicized, celebrated, and re-enacted. Giladi revealed how the clause is rife with ironies and how we should understand its significance today. Dr. Rotem Giladi is a Teaching Fellow and Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
2 May - GSG-REG Talk: Erosion of State Sovereignty in Conflict: Private Security Companies in Security Operations
In this presentation Dr. Phillip Gray and Mr. Benjamin Tkach, both academics from the Political Science Department of the Texas A&M University Qatar examined the quick erosion of centuries of state consolidation of power.  Despite the dominate strain in modernity towards consolidation of legitimate violence in states, the utilization of private security firms is challenging state sovereignty.  Material, political and privatization trends are examined for the rise in non-state actors involvement in conflict.
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