Publication Update June 2017

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  Publication Update    June 2017  
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Automatic Supply 06/2017
To be announced - ADMIRALTY publications
To be announced - ADMIRALTY charts
To be announced - IMO
IMO downloadlink
To be announced other
Triangle Automatic Supply 06/2017
NP5 South American Pilot Vol 1
NP36 Indonesia Pilot Vol 1
NP76 Lights List C - Baltic Sea
NP201B-18 Tide Table 1B- United Kingdom and Ireland;
  Excluding Isles of Sicilly, English Channel to river Humber,
  Channel Islands and European Channel
NP286(2) Pilot Services, VTS & Port Ops - Europe, Arctic and
  Baltic coasts including Iceland and Faroe Islands
NP294 How to Keep Your Admiralty products Up-to-date
6.75.0005 Guidelines for Collecting Maritime Evidence
Triangle To be announced - ADMIRALTY publications
NP32 China Pilot Vol 3
NP37 West Coast of England Pilot
NP42A Japan Pilot Vol 2
NP42C Japan Pilot Vol 4
NP48 Mediterranean Pilot Vol 4
NP77 Lights List D - East Atlantic; West Indian Ocean,
  Arabian & Red Seas
NP78 Lights List E - West Mediterranean & Black Seas
NP201A-18 Tide Table 1A- UK English Channel to River Humber, including
  Isles of Scilly, Channel Island and Europe Channel Ports.
NP202-18 Tide Table 2 - North Atlantic Ocean & Arctic Regions
NP285 Global Maritime Distress & Safety
NP286(3) Pilot Services, VTS & Port Ops - Europe,
  Africa (Med, Coast) & Black Sea
NP321-18 Star Almanac 2018
NP28 Dover Strait Pilot
NP35 Indonesia Pilot Vol 3
NP47 Mediterranean Pilot Vol 3
NP79 Lights List F -North East Indian Ocean, Eastern part
  of South China & Eastern Archipelagic Seas
  (North of Equator), excluding China
NP86 Lights List N - East Mediterranean & Black Seas
NP204-18 Tide Table 4 - South Pacific Ocean 2018
NP234B Cumulative List of NMs - Mid Year
Triangle To be announced - ADMIRALTY charts
Every month you can download an overview of the ADMIRALTY charts which will be published in the next month of our website. Click here to download the file named: 'ADMIRALTY charts to be published_06-2017'.

Please be aware that the new published charts do not exactely correspond to the monthly automatic supply.
Triangle To be announced - IMO
IMO545 Particularly Sensitive Sea Areas (PSSA), 2017 Edition
Triangle IMO downloadlink
IMO982 LSA, edition 2017, Errata May 2017 Click here
Triangle To be announced other
1811-17 Hydro 1811 Waddenzee West – 2017
1812-17 Hydro 1812 Waddenzee Oost – 2017


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