Invitation - UNStudio Platform Dialogies at the Tortona Design Week, Milan

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UNStudio PLATFORM DIALOGUES - at the Tortona Design Week, Milan
UNStudio will be presenting a selection of their product and interior works at the Design Week in Milan. In collaboration with UNStudio’s Knowledge Platforms - a programme of ‘Platform Dialogues’ by specialists from within the UNStudio network is organised throughout the week. 

As you are a very important contact in our network, we would like to invite you as our guest to join us in discussing the topics presented in the exclusive Platform Dialogues at Emporio Building, Opificio Courtyard, Via Tortona 31, Milan.

Please RSVP if you would like to join one of the Platform Dialogues at: info@unstudio.com
TUESDAY, 9 APRIL - 11.00 – 12.00
How can architecture and product design contribute to co-creation? Is co-creation a romantic idea driven by the democratisation and customisation of the consumer industry, or a true reflection of contemporary working practices?  What are the potential benefits of co-creating within architecture and product design? This session investigates the importance of materiality at the human scale of design. Jurgen Bey, Ben van Berkel and Leo Schouten invite design critics and writers to actively share their opinions concerning the future of co-creation. Sharing an interest in encouraging dialogue, innovation and creative exchange through design, they will discuss the process of co-creating within their own practices, as well as the designing of spaces for the accommodation of co-creation.
Ben van Berkel - Co-Founder/ Principal Architect UNStudio
Jurgen Bey - Director/ designer Studio Makkink & Bey and director PROOFFLab
Leo Schouten - Founder / director PROOFF
FRIDAY, 12 APRIL - 15.00 – 16.00
Every day we strive to find new materials and novel uses for old ones to discover inventive, effective and sustainable solutions. In the context of this Dialogue, ‘attainability’ is the combination of research and sustainability in the pursuit of advanced materials.  For this dialogue we will explore what materials can do now, and what we want them to do tomorrow.
Gabi Böhm - Senior Architect/Project Manager, Premier Composite Technologies
Micol Costi - Director of Materials Research Material Connexion Italia
Giammichele Melis - Associate Director Buro Happold
James O’Callaghan - Director Eckersley O’Callaghan Structural + Facade Engineers
Federica Sem - Managing Director Permasteelisa Interiors
Saturday, 13 APRIL - 15.00 – 16.00
Whether it is as a portal to the World Wide Web or active nano-technologies, the communication between users and materials is no longer only one-way.  The surfaces and objects through which we communicate and design provide new tactile and virtual feedbacks.  This Dialogue will explore the current and future possibilities of Interfaces with each other and through materiality.
Markus Benz - CEO Walter Knoll
Birgit Lohmann - Associate Editor-in-Chief Designboom
Jan-Christoph Zoels - Senior Partner user experience design Experentia
If you are unable to join us please view the recordings from the Platform Dialogues at: 
Address: Emporio Building, Opificio Courtyard, Via Tortona 31, Milan
Platform Dialogues
UNStudio’s Platform Dialogues at the Salone del Mobile are presented by the Inventive Materials Platform. As part of the Knoweldge Platforms, the Inventive Materials Platform investigates new material systems through UNStudio’s designs and generates innovations through provocative collaborations with commercial and research partners. 
Knowledge Platforms
Since the founding of the practice, UNStudio has been developing design knowledge as a result of combining the designing and building of projects with an active participation in architectural theory. In 2008, following a continued interest in geometry, digital production, material effects and attainable design solutions, this communal knowledge led to the introduction of Knowledge Platforms to the studio. Whilst the primary objective of our project teams is to deliver the ‘result’ of architectural thinking (buildings, plans, designs), the objective of the Knowledge Platforms is to distill knowledge from within the practice of architecture in order to propel design thinking and innovation.
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